Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Hair removal with intense pulsed light hair removal is also known as flash lamp.

This technique is the least expensive but also less durable than electric or laser hair removal.

What is pulsed light hair removal?

Hair removal with intense pulsed light is achieved by means of a flash lamp which diffuses the intense pulsed light on the treated area.

If the technology is different from the laser, however it follows the same principle aslasers, flash lamp destroys the hair pigment (melanin).

The pulsed light hair removal is virtually painless: some tingling.

Processing is faster than a laser hair removal or electric.

3 to 10 sessions depending on the hair and area treated.

At what price?

The flash lamp is much cheaper to buy a laser, the institutes can afford to practice more attractive prices.

The results are long lasting but less permanent than a laser hair removal.
  1. Armpits:  80-120
  2. Jersey: 60-100 €
  3. Full leg:  200-350
  4. Forearm:  80-100
  5. Whole arm:  200-300
  6. Belly band: 70-100 
  7. Upper lip: 50-80 
  8. Back:  180-250
  9. Buttocks:  150-220
  10. Belly:  120-150

Against indications:

It is recommended for certain individuals who fall outside the indications of laser hair removal.

However, the flash lamp hair removal does not work on very light hair. The cons-indications are similar to those of laser hair removal: sun exposure before, during and after treatment.

In what place?

The flash lamp is the most common technique in beauty salons. Indeed, no need to bequalified for the practice of medicine, beauticians can therefore do it.

The flash lamp is also used in hair removal centers.

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4 Responses to Pulsed Light Hair Removal

  1. If this method would have long lasting results it will definitely be the most popular hair removal solution, because it's way more affordable than laser hair removal.
    Unfortunately it doesn't and that's why the number of laser hair removal Toronto treatments is increasing every single day while having pulsed light hair removal is not very attractive for men or women.

  2. Of course everyone has their own opinions and experiences about hair removal. Some are good and some are very bad. Actually you can remove unwanted hair with a weed whacker but it is hurt, damage your skin and not be at all effective. So it is very smart to collect information just as you are doing here.

    However the notion repeated above, that "shaved hair grows back thicker" is merely an old wives tale and is physically impossible. See this eminent Mayo Clinic doctors comments on this myth. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hair-removal/an00638. Just think if it were true all those guys with thin and balding hair could cure the condition by shaving their heads - a cure for baldness? No!

    For arm and leg hair a discreet micro trimmer is low cost, effective and safe - check out this latest generation trimmer at $19.99 with free US shipping.

    This is not a cheap plastic trimmer that lasts as long as a politicians promise. You get a powerful electric trimmer with replaceable blades and you get on extra set free with each purchase. If you use the suggested Fujicell batteries with this trimmer they will recharge 1000 times, and that is equivalent to a year or more of trimming depending on how often and how much you trim. That is a bargain.

    In contrast any hair removing creme or gel (depilatory) has caustic - as in oven chemicals - in them, like sodium thioglycolate. These chemicals attack and weaken the protein in the hair and dissolves the hair shaft. The problem is that this same process CAN attack and damage the skin in which the hair grows and it can sometimes permanently discolor sensitive skin. It also makes the skin dry and sensitive to sunlight.

    The FDA therefore mandates that every hair removal creme and gel must have a warning label on it. The manufacturers have watered this mandatory warning down to - test a patch of skin for adverse reactions - which most people don't read. Allergic reactions from depilatories are not guaranteed for everyone but they do happen quite frequently. See http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/ate/skinandhair/205367.html .

    Waxing also has many bad effects and allergic reactions on some people and the cost is prohibitive at around $65 for a salon bikini wax very three weeks over the period of one year is more than $1,100.00 plus tax tips etc. Laser hair removal is not permanent and the FDA prohibits anyone from saying it is. Like waxing lasering is painful but the cost is even more painful and it doesn't work on all skin or hair types.

    We empathize with your thought that you may not want to shave. That is likely due to the fact that you have been wet shaving or using an electric face shaver disguised as a woman's shaver by being colored pink. These leave lumps, bumps, burns and ingrown hairs. This due to using the wrong shaver or trimmer and not because shaving or trimming is the wrong hair removal method.

    If you use a specially designed pubic shaver, like the Bare It All all-in-one personal shaver and bikini trimmer, you will find the results are smooth skin, no itch, no nicks, no bumps and no nasty ingrown hairs. The shaver has a special ultra thin foil which allows the titanium blades to get really close to the skin without the blades touching anything but hair.

    The shaver has a huge battery which allows one hour shaving before needing to be recharged. The battery is designed to be recharged 500 times, before it needs to be replaced. That is very economical, safe hair removal at about 3 cents per shave.

    In a nutshell, the Bare It All pubic shaver and trimmer only available at www.BestBodyShaver.com gives you 500 hours of trimming and shaving with skin as smooth as waxing.

    Compare the cost and convenience of this shaver to other hair removal methods.

    It really is a no brainer.

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